Management of the developing dentition orthodontic course

Management of the developing dentition orthodontic course

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What you'll learn
Space management in the transitional dentition. Planning for Space Management: Nance analysis; Moyers analysis; Bolton analysis.
Treatment Options for Space Management.
Space maintenance. Space regaining. Space creation. Space closure. Space supervision.
Management of incisor crowding. Treatment of minor, moderate or severe crowding. Serial extraction.
Management of oral habits: Non-Nutritive Sucking; Thumb or Finger Sucking Treatment; Pacifier Habits; Tongue Thrust; Lip sucking or lip interposition habit; Mouth Breathing; Speech problems; Bruxism; Nail biting habit
Interested in becoming an orthodontic specialist
This course will take you from zero to hero of the following orthodontic topics: Management of the developing dentition. Early treatment.; Management of incisor crowding and Management of oral habits.
Here are the main headlines that this course covers:
Management of the developing dentition. Early treatment.
1. Space management in the transitional dentition
1.1 Prediction of tooth emergence
1.2 Factors influencing time of eruption
1.3 Factors influencing mesial or distal drift
2. Planning for Space Management
2.1 Space evaluation and size prediction
Nance analysis
Moyers analysis
Bolton analysis
2.2 General eruption pattern and problems of eruption
3. Treatment Options for Space Management
3.1 Space maintenance
3.1.1 Nonfunctional fixed unilateral space maintainers - band and loop, distal shoe
3.1.2 Nonfunctional fixed bilateral space maintainers - Lower arch, Active holding arch, transpalatal arch, Nance arch
3.1.3 Functional fixed space maintainers - Band and occlusal bar, Band and pontic, Crown and bar, Crown and pontic, Anterior provisional fixed partial denture
3.1.4 Removable space maintainers
3.2. Space regaining
3.2.1 Fixed unilateral and bilateral regainers
Molar distalizer with Nance anchorage
Sliding loop and lingual arch
Pendulum appliance
Distal jet appliance

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