Rottenwood 1.2.6 (268) macOS

Rottenwood 1.2.6 (268) macOS

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Rottenwood was made by a movie fan for all the movie fans out there. Each week, dozens of movies come out - to both the theaters and on DVD (or Bluray). If you're one of the guys that watch a few movies each week, it may become really hard to remember all the movies, or even to pick one you'd like to watch sometime.
This is why Rottenwood lets you make your own movie database - add movies that you've seen, mark them as your favorite, add comments to them, or even add reminders for upcoming movies! All in a pretty interface with advanced search features.
Tips for using Rottenwood
There are two search fields in the Rottenwood window - use the top one to search for movies you want to add, the bottom one for filtering your movies (see advanced searching below).
To add a movie to your database, search for it - double-click the search result, or press Enter - this will bring you to the detail window - simply check Seen/Favorite/Want to See to add the movie to one of those categories. That's it!
The filter field at the bottom of the window allows more complex searches - see the .
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