FinalCrypt 5.6.9
File size: 55 MB

FinalCrypt uses symmetric One Time Pad Encryption which is known as the most unbreakable encryption in existence. FinalCrypt's large true random "One Time Pad" (FIPS140-2 & RFC4086 compliant) Keys are mathematically unbreakable. The Shor's algorithm has proven that all asymmetric encryption will instantly be broken by Quantum Computers (or simulators).
Infinit Essentials Vocalist 1.0 WIN.OSX-DECiBEL
Size File: 6.05 GB

Infinit Essentials is the Vocalist, tool for all producers who enjoy sampled vocals. It is simple and intuitive, compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating system. It comes in VST and Audio Unit (AU) format. The tool offers 68 vocal samples for R & B Urban, pop, rap / hiphop, recorded MexManny, winner of a Grammy Award, known for working with Rihanna, Wale, Gucci Mane and others.
Infinit Essentials Trapsoul 1.0-DECiBEL
Size File: 7.71 GB

INFINIT ESSENTIALS represents TRAPSOUL VST, first-class VST tool designed specifically for R & B fans or R & B Trap genres. It is simple and intuitive, compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS. It comes in VST and Audio Unit (AU) format. The tool offers 100 high-quality sounds of bass, bells, choir, guitar, keyboards, pads, piano, Plaka, vocals and much more in the style of Bryson Tiller, Future, Tory Lanez, Lil Skies, JuiceWrld and many others.
Infinit Essentials Modern Sauce 1.0 WIN.OSX-DECiBEL
Size File" 9.72 GB

Modern Sauce is a great-sounding VST plugin for any music producer who likes to create Hip Hop, Trap, R & B, and Pop tracks. Modern Sauce is simple and intuitive to use, and works with any music program. It offers 200 high-quality instruments, ready to to strengthen your bits, including the Plaka, pads, bass, flute, guitar and more. All sounds were influenced by such modern artists as Lil Pump, Future, Gucci Mane, Lil Skies, 21, Savage, Migos and many others.
Big Fish Audio Mariachi MULTiFORMAT
Size File: 3.03 GB

Embrace the swagger and the influence of the Mexican Mariachi music. Spice up your tracks with the Son Jaliscience, Ranchera, Huapango, Jarabe and other traditional and modern rhythms of Mexico, that will make you scream - Que Viva el Mariachi! Easily woven into the spirit of Mexico in its track with vocals Gritos rough sounds, melodic vocals Coro, low sound Guitarron, uncontrolled chords played from Vihuela and the Guitar, and no mariachi would not be complete without spicy, soaring melodies coming from the violins and pipes.
Big Fish Audio Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars KONTAKT
Size File: 2.24 GB

This huge collection of guitar indie and alternative songwriters - a celebration of groups such as The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, The Head and Heart, Mumford and Sons, Fun, Alabama Shakers, Florence and the Machine, The Avett Brothers, Fall Out Boy Queens of the stone Ages, civil wars, Temp-Traps, Young Novalis imagines Dragons and many more.
Geeky Medics - OSCE revision v2.11
Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 62,4 MB
Learn on the go with our comprehensive collection of over 150 high-quality OSCE guides covering a wide range of clinical skills. Our video demonstrations make clinical skills easier to understand (an internet connection is required to stream videos). In need of a refresher? Quickly review a guide by swiping through the images of the key steps involved, no internet required. Ready to put yourself or a colleague to the test? The examination mode makes assessment easy with built-in checklist mark schemes and customisable timer functionality.
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